Anything and Everything You Want to Know about Vaser Liposuction and Body Sculpting


What makes you wonder the most about yourself?

If that concerns with your body in terms of its slimness and fitness, you are at the right place now because you can explore more about the options and possibilities to transform yourself in to a band new personality. Liposuction is one of the most credible and widely accepted recommendations for people like you who think it’s perhaps time to trust the truth behind the cosmetic treatments. Additionally Vaser techniques are making the relevance of liposuction more practical and plausible. Brace yourself for a complete and well documented information about liposuction you can trust to get slimmer and more confident.

What is Vaser? Is it Laser based liposuction?

This is one of the basic and fundamental questions asked by anyone new to the idea of liposuction or not so commonly associated with cosmetic practices and treatment procedures. If you are referring to liposuction after several years, you would find it not so easy to relate with what you have known in the past as there are many new and upgraded techniques that are being used in  fulfilling a successful liposuction procedure.

Vaser is one such advanced technique driven by ultra sound applications which powers liposuction equipment to break down the undesired fat from the desired parts of the body. But, Vaser is different from Laser because of which you should consider the differences between these two. Though Vaser and Laser methods of liposuction are driven with the same objectives, the way they are empowered is different and it has a definite impact on the outcome of the procedure.

You can opt for laser lipo if you want a very smooth and hassle free procedure. At the same time, if  you want more effective treatment which breaks down the fat at a faster pace, you can ask for vaser  lipo. At a larger scale of evaluating the benefits and advantages, it is hard to differentiate these two  options and you can take a call based on what you feel is good for you.

Is Vaser Liposuction worth it?

Your understanding of Vaser Liposuction can enable you to answer these determining questions because its worth is only to be experienced. The only alternative way of figuring out if it is of any worth considering is to interact with people who underwent the procedure. You can figure out if they find lipo therapies to be worth investing their time and money.

It also goes with your personal priorities as your preferences always matter no matter what the credentials or virtues of any service you are considering. Since there is no element of urgency or emergency, you might want to relax and take time to make up your mind. If undergoing liposuction has been on your wish list, it might be perhaps time you put it on your check list and check it off at the earliest as the absolute benefits are better experienced when you are still young.

There are certain doubts, questions and queries about liposuction that are really tricky at times. We have compiled three of such questions to provide the best possible explanation based on the available scientific evidence.

1. Will liposuction increase the chances of getting pregnant?

The liposuction for pre-pregnancy is always been the subject of debate, but there is never a possibility that suggests that liposuction would either induce pregnancy or enhance the chances of getting pregnant. Liposuction before pregnancy can help reducing the fat around the areas of tummy and thighs which can make the whole duration of pregnancy a better experience. You might consider liposuction before pregnancy for such a reason, but do not expect liposuction to impact the conceiving process and getting into the pregnancy phase.

2. Should I get Vaser Lipo for man boobs?

Man boobs or male breasts are very disturbing for men and you would definitely have a negative psychological impact if you continue to have them. Hormonal imbalance is the core reason for developing such misplaced breasts in men which can be further induced by dietary preferences as well. Once you have them fully developed and as they become visibly evident, it is good to get them treated.

If you are contemplating with options, the male breast reduction liposuction is a better option for you, which is done differently when compared with the regular breast uplift surgery done for females. Evidence suggests that Vaser Lipo is definitely effective in treating man boobs and you can consider this treatment in an appropriate time based on the open consultation with your cosmetic treatment counselor.

3. What about Liposuction on thighs?

Well, there is nothing uniquely different about liposuction on thighs except for the fact that doing it on things alone might make the whole body appearance little odd or uneven. In most of the circumstances, liposuction on thighs is coupled with nearby regions like tummy or knee area. It again goes with planning and forecasting the outcome of the procedure, based on the impression you get from the forecasting process, you can make up your mind.

There are also certain concerns shared regarding the risk factors of liposuction pertaining to liposuction on thighs. There is no specific risk factor that is different from the common risk factors of liposuction. You might have concerns about how to sit and relax immediately after the procedure, don’t worry as the whole procedure is monitored by experts and you can leave the surgical facility only when you are comfortable after the procedure.

Our center has been one of the well known clinics dedicated for the liposuction treatments; we are explicitly specialized in vaser techniques of liposuction. Our surgical and technical experts are highly committed to ensure every procedure performed at our center becomes a memory of lifetime for you. Walk in to our clinic or ask for a special appointment for your consultation session during which your treatment will be customized as even personalized based on your needs and preferences.