An Overview of the Process of Breast Augmentation


The process of breast augmentation is a medical procedure of plastic surgery and is generally done to either change the shape of the breast or to make alterations on it. Medically the need for breast augmentation or mammoplasty is conducted post a surgery for breast cancer or as a corrective measure that might be needed in the chest wall. But today, breast augmentation has become a part of the cosmetic treatment procedures and it is more concerned with how the breast is shaped or looks due to a particular shape and needs to be changed.


Why Do You Need Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is usually done to enlarge or to reconstruct the breasts for both cosmetic reasons and sometimes for medical reasons. The breasts usually begin to sag after a particular time period which in most cases is after pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and after a sudden weight loss treatment. The need to restore the symmetrical shape of the breasts and resize it become necessary. Moreover, good and healthy looking breasts usually boost the self-esteem of a woman and this sometimes can be a major reason.

What Are The Different Implants For Breast Augmentation?

Basically, there are two ways that the breast augmentation procedure is conducted and they are with implants like the saline filled ones or the silicone gel ones. The patients get to choose between the two but before that they will be informed all that they need to know about the implants.

What is the procedures involved in Breast Augmentation?

A medical procedure for breast augmentation must be done in consultation with your physician. A consultation with a surgeon is more likely to discuss and decide the right implant, which is likely to suit your body. The options are usually between the silicone gel and the saline filled ones. Depending on your choice of the implant the incision is done. The incision and the insertion are both considered from various angles and position and each one of them is discussed in detail with the patient before the surgery is conducted.

The surgery is usually conducted under the administration of anesthesia and that is why patients need to stay at least overnight at the hospital. The usual period of recovery is around a couple of days or more to monitor for any risks involved with general anesthesia. The risk of infection in such cases is the highest and that is why it is best to agree to remain in the hospital for a few days after the surgery.

In most of the cases, the patients find that their breasts have gained the shape and size they desired and in about a couple of months or more they become normal. Using the recommended surgical brassiere is necessary to keep the breasts healthy and also after the surgery the massage process must be continued as per the surgeon’s advice.

In conclusion, though breast augmentation is a healthy procedure to look good and feel great, there are certain risks and there are ways to avoid it too.

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