Gordon Fawcett – Hair Transplant

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Gordon is a middle aged professional working within the creative industry. Recently, he underwent a hair transplant to counteract a receding hairline. ´As I am reaching a certain age, I decided to hold back time a little and to prevent any more hair loss´ he quoted.

Gordon made the appointment at his local Nu Cosmetic clinic in Liverpool after researching his options for clinics on-line. A combination of excellent feedback and information were the main criteria that took him to the Rodney Street branch in Liverpool.

´I was warmly greeted, and on the day of the consultation I met with two consultants. We all sat down, with diagrams of typical pattern baldness, my remediation criteria and of course, an indication of scalp as it was at present, highlighting my areas of hair loss and potential thinning.´

During the consultation, Gordon knew that he was in good hands, as constant communication and precedence studies clarified all his doubts, and attainable results. The actual possibilities to counteract his hair loss were now becoming a reality, as the case studies and pictorial database of previous clients assured.

His treatment was completed within the Nu Cosmetic premises. A sequence of hair inserts were carefully and strategically placed within the locations prescribed and the technique selected by the surgeon during the consultations. The operation was completed under anaesthetic with the day, and he was able to return home to rest.

As this cosmetic procedure is a little more complex, his aftercare consisted of twelve days of cleansing the scalp, and spraying with a medicinal liquid prescribed by the surgeon. In addition, any localised episodes of minor pain were dispersed by painkillers over the days.

Turning the clock forward, and less than one year later, Gordon is delighted with the results. ´There is more hair there, and that’s the whole point of it for me. It´s a real confidence boost.´

Not only Gordon and the surgeons were the only ones to notice the difference. ´ I did not tell many of my friends or family about the technique, but it was obvious a difference was apparent by the favourable comments I received from all parties. My hair really did look great.´

With today´s advancements in male (and female) cosmetic surgery, hair loss these days is a choice, not an option. As in Gordon’s case, we were able to reverse and limit the hair loss damage to his delight. ´The experience has been excellent; I could not recommend them to be any less than 10/10´. Hair transplantation surgery may be one of the newest types of procedure on the market, but for an increasing number of men and women, it´s also one of the most sought after.



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